Ninja Trader can hardly be called an exclusively trading terminal ; rather, it is a multifunctional exchange program that can be used both for trading and for analyzing the market, creating trading strategies and testing them. Ninja Trader is designed to trade stocks, futures in the stock markets, and currencies in Forex . Programmers can implement their idea of ​​a trading strategy in Ninja Trader – for this they can use COM, .NET, DDL interfaces.

Working with trading charts in Ninja Trader

Trading in the Ninja Trader terminal allows you not only to carry out various technical and graphical analysis of the stock chart, but also visually, on the chart, make trade transactions, change their parameters, monitor the size of a trading position, real profit or loss on a transaction online.

Ninja Trader terminal

Trading glass of the Ninja Trader terminal

The Ninja Trader terminal uses the SuperDOM order book, which makes it possible to open trade orders, make changes with one click, and also use semi-automatic control systems based on ATM technology. In addition, the Ninja Trader order book allows you to use OCO (One Cancel Other) orders to open a position, as well as edit its size.

Ninja Trader terminal glass

Using the Ninja Trader semi-automated trading system

The Ninja Trader trading terminal has in its arsenal the ATM (Advanced Trade Management) semi-automatic trading system, which includes a number of very convenient functions:

– Automatic placement of protective StopLoss and TakeProfit orders.
– Using OCO (One Cancel Other) orders – one order automatically deletes another when executed.
– Automatic installation of a stop order at the break-even level .
TrallingStop automated stop-order tracking system .
– Using stop orders based on volume.

Ninja trader

Visual work with a chart for the Ninja Trader terminal

Like any modern trading terminal, Ninja Trader is perfectly equipped with visual settings:

– changing the size of trading bars;
– different intervals of the graph display;
– many styles, etc.

In addition, the Ninja Trader trading terminal includes over 100 different technical indicators, as well as a system that allows you to develop custom technical indicators.

Analytical market window of the Ninja Trader terminal

The Market Analyzer is a specific instrument of the Ninja Trader terminal , which is a field with a large number of instrument quotes in real time. Various technical filters allow you to select suitable instruments according to the specified trader’s rules, including sorting, ranking, filtering.

Ninja trader

Development and testing of trading systems in Ninja Trader

The Ninja Trader trading terminal offers its users to independently develop their own trading strategies , even if they do not have sufficient programming experience . For this, the NinjaScript ™ system is used , as well as the ability to test the resulting strategies on demo accounts in real time or on historical data with high performance.

Ninja Trader programming

Download trading terminal Ninja Trader


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