how to install the indicator in mt5

Following the review of the Metatrader 5 trading terminal , I think it would be logical to immediately give a short instruction on how to install the indicator in MT5. So I propose to talk about this today.

Installation from the market

I must say right away that MT5 also has the ability to install indicators directly from the Market. Most of the indicators there are still paid, but among the free ones you can find quite good “copies”. So let’s figure out how to install indicators from the Market for MT5 5. To begin with, as it is not difficult to guess, you need to go directly to the Market itself. You can go there by clicking on the Market tab in the bottom panel of Metatrader

indicators metatrader 5

Let’s install the indicator in Metatrader 5 using the example of Support and Resistance. So, having selected the required indicator, click on it. A page opens with a description of the indicator itself, on which, in fact, the download button is located:

indicators for mt5

Click “download” and the indicator is added to our terminal. Now we add it to the chart in the standard way. Namely, in the “insert” menu, click on the “indicators”, then select “custom” and find our indicator. As you can see, he is already waiting for us at the very end of the list.

indicators for metatrader 5

Installing third-party indicators

Of course, in mt5 it is possible to install third-party indicators. So let’s look at the detailed installation of such indicators in the terminal. This process is as simple as possible (no more difficult than installing indicators in MT4 ), it only takes a couple of minutes.

So, we will carry out the installation using the CrossMA indicator as an example (if anything, you can download it from here ). If you downloaded the indicator in the archive, you will have to unpack it first. Unpacked? Now open the resulting folder with the indicator. Select files (or a file) with the “mq5” and / or “ex5” extensions and copy them. To copy files, select them and press Ctrl + C, or right-click and select “copy” in the window that opens.

indicators for mt5

We continue our instructions on how to install the indicator in MT5. Now we need to open the data directory. Opening it is as simple as possible. In our terminal, click “file” and, accordingly, select “open data directory”:

install mt5 indicator

Our data catalog opens. From there you need to go to the “MQL5” folder. From there, go to the “Indicators” folder. This is where we paste our copied files. To do this, press either Ctrl + V, or right-click and select “paste”.

install indicator metatrader 5

That, in fact, is all. Now you know how to install the indicator in mt5. Remember to restart your terminal for all changes to take effect. Indicators can be added to the chart in the standard way through the “navigator”, or through the “insert” in the “custom” tab.

And one more thing that we need to take into account, namely, to enable DLL import for indicators in Metatrader 5. How to do this? Open the “service” tab in the menu and go to “settings”:

installing mt5 indicators

In the window that opens, go to the “Expert Advisors” sub-tab and put a tick in front of the line “Allow DLL imports”:

installation of metatrader 5 indicators


That’s all, this is where the instructions for installing indicators in MT5 can be completed. Let me remind you that in order to add a built-in indicator to the chart, just go to the “insert” tab, then “indicators” and, in fact, select the one you need. Indicators for MT5 divided by type “oscillator”, “trend” and so forth. If you do not know which category your desired indicator, you can look at the plate, table of contents , I made specifically for the convenience of users (all links are clickable, for him you can find out the details of using each of the listed indicators).


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