cTrader Expert Advisor and Indicators

No trader can do without quality technical analysis. Now there is no longer any need to graduate in order to be able to pursue it. The cTrader platform, which indicators are very diverse and easy to use, will give everyone, even a beginner, a chance to create a quality forecast. And this is not the only technology that helps a trader. Advisors, they are robots, will also come in handy. This article will be about the most popular auxiliary systems and how to install them into the program.

Support systems

We will talk about such features as cTrader indicators and robots for it. The system, although not the most successful in its segment, but, according to experts, it is very promising. So how to install and use technical analysis tools in it is very important. So, this system assumes the ability not only to install, but also to create various tools by the user. For example, indicators using a special utility. Unlike other systems, the programming language of which is extremely limited, Expert Advisors for cTrader are based on such as C #. This makes it possible to create a large number of such auxiliary robots as an advisor, and not only.

For this, a special utility cAlgo is used, which is available for use by everyone who uses the program. The most popular Expert Advisors for cTrader are:

  1. Martingale
  2. Fibonacci
  3. Trend
  4. Robot for news trading

Expert Advisors for cTrader are used not only by beginners, but also by more experienced traders. Because they allow any of them not to waste time on standard rates. So, a trader can devote more time both to analyzing the market and creating new, more profitable strategies. How to install them will be described later.

If we talk about analysis, then an indicator is something you cannot do without. Of all the variety, the most popular are:

  • Ichimoku kinko hyo
  • Tick ​​volumes
  • ATR

Installation in the platform

The question of how to install the system you like is often asked. In fact, the steps are quite simple. A small instruction on cTrader, and how to install the EA.

First you need to make sure that the file has the correct extension. It should be cs or algo. If so, then you just need to collect it. The file must be placed in the desired directory in the program folder. By default, this will be the C \ Documents \ cAlgo \ Sources \ Robots \ folder. Then it will be displayed in the cBots tab. Then you just need to click on the “build” button and wait for the message that the build was completed successfully. After that, the advisor is ready to use.

There is another way for cTrader to install an advisor. In this case, the file, whatever extension it has, does not need to be moved anywhere. It should be opened in a notepad or similar program. Select the new tab and copy the text there, and then also collect. The indicator is added in the same way. But move the file to the Indicators folder. Both methods can be used, in cTrader indicators are set using cAlgo.


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